New version of shxtrackd — 0.3.0 — April 26th, 2016

Fixed compilation issues on CentOS 6.x.

New domain — — March 8th, 2013

Due to the recent inability to obtain a * domain from (and jarring unannounced expiration), I've decided to register directly with the *.cx TLD, forming the new domain Simply drop the ".ath" from your old bookmarks and continue to enjoy.

Free anonymous hotline (currently UP) service to all! Simply log in via ssh to (on port 22) as user `rhx' (no password; just hit ENTER at the password prompt) and use the shx shell to log into any hotline server you wish. This is a free service designed to increase the use of Hotline in general. Try not to get banned at any particular server since your source address will be from Also, absolutely nothing is ever logged about your session. Connections are not guaranteed.

Software Download

Download Unix Hotline Tracker Server - shxtrackd-0.3.0 (80K)
Download Unix Hotline Server - shxd-0.4.12 (288K)
md5sum: b244bd58f840eb70509d7f243d8a0c53
Download Unix Hotline Client - shx-0.2.4 (296K)
Download DOS Hotline Client - winshx-0.1.49 (1.06M)


RFC 01 - Transaction based DoS/Spam Protection
RFC 02 - 256 color user names
RFC 03 - A Better Way to Search for Files
The release archive
Darwin GNU Find
exec script archive (16K)
Account UserData Reader (getudbit)(2K)
Account UserData Modifier (setudbit)(2K)
Log of Current Changes
Log of Things To Do


Author: Devin Teske
E-mail address:
Hotline Server: (formerly


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